Book Review: Rifts by Nicole Hamlett

Title: Rifts (Grace Murphy #2)
Author: Nicole Hamlett
Source: Reading Addiction Book Tours

“Remember when life used to be nice and easy? No? Yeah, me either.”

Grace Murphy, a single mom and newly made demi-goddess is slowly learning what it means to be a Hunter. What she finds is that no matter how big they get, kids are still rambunctious, men are still kids and there is something much more terrifying in this world than the boogeyman. She’s going to have to face it and she may very well not be ready for it.

Rifts, the sequel to Huntress, isn’t just about Grace learning how to navigate her new powers, it’s about navigating the Rifts caused in daily life.

Magic is easy. Relationships are the hard part.



Grace is back but better, bolder and stronger – sarcastic as hell but what’s new right?

Grace with Dylan is now based on Olympus so yey on that one. Finally we’ll be reading what Olympus on this book is portrayed like and so far, I would want to live there as well. Book two is somewhat mellow compared to Huntress but that doesn’t mean ass kicking wasn’t present. Grace is still discovering the extent of her powers while some talents are popping here.

Hamlett introduced a lot of characters in Rifts, which I totally enjoyed cause I got tired of Drew. I liked him in Huntress but here, not so much. He’s totally a different guy here and can be is a douche. I remember this scene, and sorry for the spoiler but I love how Grace handled it.

“I can’t do this with you. Can’t you see that this kills me? Why can’t you read my mind and just know what’ going on in there? I can’t say the words. All I know is that I hurt. I am so tired. It’s easier to be angry with you than to face the fear and the crappy emotions.”

That scene just exposed Grace and her emotions for me. We can see that in spite being a toughie and a bad ass, she’s trying not to break down. Anyhoo, moving on with the what seems like a future love interest (oooppps, I told you I am sorry if I spoil it sometimes) Hephaestus is a character I am liking right now. He’s a mysterious dude and I love his chemistry with Grace. Let’s see how Hamlett will spin Grace and Hephaestus relationship but from what I am reading so far – I cannot contain my excitement for Volcanoes.

Sub plots was wow! I mean this is what I enjoy most with Hamlett’s writing style. In spite writing a multi-layered story, it wasn’t confusing at all. You can follow the sub plots together with the whole scenario of things perfectly. Some writers couldn’t pull that off. The major issue maybe is the cliff hanger but if you have Volcanoes, which is book 3, handy then you are all good.

To be honest, I actually read Rift and Volcanoe (yes so wait on my review for that) in one day. That was how quick it took me to read both books to think that the two wasn’t a short reads. As I said in Huntress, I love Hamlett’s humor and writing style. It gave the book more character which I believe is its selling point. It’s highly entertaining and the Grace Murphy series is one of those book(s) that you can highly recommend even for readers who aren’t heavy fantasy/UF followers.

Do I have to reiterate that this is highly recommended? If you want your money’s worth on a new series, get Huntress and Rift and if you enjoyed it as much as I did purchase Volcanoes as well. I’ll be reviewing Volcanoes on the 5th so watch out for that and Hamlett’s going to be here for an interview! Ohhh excited! :D

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