Book Review: Volcanoes by Nicole Hamlett + Giveaway

Title: Volcanoes (Grace Murphy #3)
Author: Nicole Hamlett
Pages: 268
Source: Reading Addiction Blog Tour

“I needed something big. I’d found a dormant volcano in my earlier exploration. Yeah – that would be big and in typical Grace Murphy fashion, I didn’t think this one through, I just blew it.”

Be careful what you ask of Fate – sometimes she gives it to you. When we last saw our heroine, she’d watched her faithful pet rip off her new best friend’s head to save her son’s life and Atlantis was rising from the depths. Now, Grace Murphy is back in the third installment of the Huntress series, but this time she’s facing an all-out war. It’s critical that Nyx (and Atlantis) stay buried, but her psychotic brats will do most anything to get her back.

You didn’t think that was all, did you? Of course there’s more! With Hypnos invading her dreams, Dylan caught up in the throes of his “change” and juggling her relationships with two hunky Gods, Drew and Heph, to say Grace’s hands are full would be an understatement. Grace wished her life would just go back to the way it was before, and that she wouldn’t have her powers or responsibilities anymore. Unfortunately, it looks like Fate answered this time. The results aren’t pretty.


The third installment of the Grace Murphy series was phenomenal. It was a roller coaster ride that just made my experience worthwhile. From reading the first two books, Huntress until RiftsI couldn’t praise this series enough for what its worth. I have devoured this book from page one to the last and I still wanted more.

With everything that happened to Grace, there is really no stopping her. She maybe a little too into your face type of girl but attitude/spunk/badass describes her best. I believe that Volcanoes is one of the most significant book in the series and with what I read so far, I hope know that the fourth book will be more awesome than the first three. Grace in Volcanoes does have a lot on her shoulders and there were times that I just want to smack her straight in the face to wake her up from her self loathing and negativity but if you were on her shoes, you wouldn’t do things differently.

I love Grace’s voice in this book. Although it can be a pain to read with all that emotion cooped up in her, it felt genuine. You can feel her emotion as she goes through her ordeal but still read a lot of kickassery in the mix. It wasn’t easy for Grace or the characters in the story, and by reading it you can really tell.I love the relationship Grace shares with her family and how each character developed throughout the story.

This is not the end for Grace, this is only the beginning. The ending was so awesome I almost cried on the idea of waiting for the next book. What is so great about the Grace Murphy series is not just the character and how she made a voice in a story that becomes distinctly her own but it is how Hamlett wrote it everything effectively. Hamletts writing is refreshing and very distinct. She has easily became one of my favorite author this year and for me the Grace Murphy series is one of those series that I would be re-reading again and again without hesitation. Best read in succession but you can also read it as stand alone, but believe me you want to warm up to Graces character so read it from the very start. I assure it the series is worth your time and money. Hamlett outdid herself on this one, I am excited to see what she offers on the next installment. :D

Grace Murphy Series

Huntress (Book 1)

Rifts (Book 2)

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Nicole Hamlett is a single mother from Colorado Springs, living in Los Angeles, California. When she’s not writing books she enjoys reading, cooking and video games and can often be caught enjoying indie alternative music.


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