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Hello guys!! Identity Discovery and I are today’s stop for the tour of Emma Michael’s YA novel, Owlet. If you haven’t read my review yet, please check it out. In addition to that, you can also enter for a chance of some awesome prizes, all you have to do is fill out the form by clicking the image below. With that said, let’s get to know more about Iris today. Enjoy!


Iris (originally Serenity)


Light Blonde (originally black)


Yellowish hazel and then Amber (Originally blue)

Blood Type:




Favorite food:

Chinese food (hot and sour soup, anything kung pao, anything with bamboo shoots)


Iris lived her life without a mother and without memories of her past, trusting her father to lead her and teach her anything she might need to know through his homeschooling and rarely leaving the confines of her home until the start of Owlet.


Iris started out in a dream as a girl running after an owl through the woods. Reaching up and finally catching a piece of that owl as it merged with her soul and she soared into the sky. Then she was scribbles in a notebook, sketches to keep the ideas and eventually a true character started to form. In my first draft of Owlet (150k words instead of the current 50k, Yes, that would have been one FAT novel) She started to fully form and as I got to know her better I rewrote Owlet into what it is now.

Worst quality:

Her inability to believe that she might get what she truly wanted. A change to help others and to be who she was meant to be. Or her innocents because of how shielded her life has been.

Best quality:

Her perspective of the world. She sees things differently than others do and the more she starts to accept it, the more she is able to see people in a new light.

Unique fact:

Iris’ obsession with books leads her to read through more than the average person’s share of novels. Living at home, being homeschooled and not having any friendships apart from Diana and her father gave her time to read anything and everything she could find. The reason their house in the first chapter has no tv is because she couldn’t find it as interesting and needed the shelf space in the living room when her father ran out of recommendations from the library he finally decided to get Iris a computer so that she could shop for books online. She reads everything, but she has a particular love of contemporary young adult fiction because it is a way for her to find out what types of things happen outside her house and what sort of lives average or extraordinary teenagers might live.

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Mary Grace

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  1. I love the level of detail that Emma invests in her characters making them come to life. Mary Grace, thanks for sharing this profile sketch of Iris.

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